Shareware is a method of software distribution and marketing, and not a type of program. Shareware, traditionally, is software that is published by authors who want you to help with their word-of-mouth advertising. It's more than a free trial; it's a free trial that you can share with your friends. When you find a product that does what you need, you'll buy the full version, usually directly from the author.

Like shareware software, shareware paper models are try before you buy. I don't expect you to pay for a model you never build, or one you try to build and find too difficult or in your opinion badly designed. However, should you build the model, and find it to be something you enjoyed building and are proud to keep and display, then you should be willing to pay for that experience and the final product. So, if these files provide you a satisfactory model, you are required to pay the license fee.

Jade Dragon The Tzar Tank
Jade Dragon tzar tank